Flower Seller 1942 by Diego Rivera

This painting was painted in 1942 and is one of Diego Rivera most famous paintings. He painted quite a few paintings of calla lilies throughout his life. This painting has a peasant girl with a blue scuff and barefoot holding a bundle of white calla lilies. "The calla lily, a sensual, sculptural flower - and quintessential example of Mexico's exuberant flora - was celebrated by Rivera many times, particularly in frescoes depicting peasants with indigenous features carrying bundles or offerings of them."

Rivera's colorful "The Flower Seller" kneels barefoot, her long dark braids falling down her back as she gathers a massive bundle of white lilies together. In The Flower Seller the pale heads of the flowers and their thick, cut stems fill the picture, dwarfing the flower seller herself. Calla lilies feature in several of Rivera's paintings. Given Diego Rivera's passionate political beliefs, the artist is making a political statement here about the importance of the ordinary working person for the wealthy Mexican upper classes.