Sunflowers, 1921 by Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera created Sunflowers in 1921. Sunflowers of Vincent van Gogh opened a door to a new evolution in decor and art. Not only did Van Gogh inspire others to paint sunflowers, but he also created a trend that would span various lifestyles and personas. Van Gogh's Sunflowers altered many views on color schemes, exaggerated features, and stereotypically beautiful flowers in a minimalistic form.

Rivera was influenced strongly by Van Gogh, but also portrayed his personal political message in his art. His paintings offer a lot of social commentary about the time period, and involve turbulent expressions of anti-establishment views. This particular painting is a possible parody of the Euro-centrism art establishment. Rivera lived during a time when self-conscience is openly displayed in the artwork; in this piece, his spoof of the Impressionist's short vibrant brush strokes is vividly displayed behind the girl in the painting.