La Mujer del Pozo, 1913 by Diego Rivera

Influenced by the avant-garde style of the time, Diego Rivera's oil on canvas painting entitled La Mujer del Pozo was painted in 1913. The mix of abstract art and Aztec imagery are just a few ways to describe this painting. The bold use of the color green and blue add depth while yellow, brown, and pale pinks cover an inch of white space. The woman's oval-shaped face and sullen look combined with her traditional dress add to the painting's appeal. The juxtaposition of the shapes and surfaces helps to invoke a series of emotions, while the cubist technique is executed beautifully.

Diego Rivera was able to capture the voice of many people with his art. His use of muralism and cubist technique continue to have a long-lasting effect on up and coming artists. Even clouded in controversy, Diego Rivera remains one of the most important artists of his time.